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    Appearing on the 2012 Series of My Kitchen Rules, Nic (Project Planner) and Rocco (Chartered Accountant) demonstrated that men outside of the profession can cook, and cook well! Their cooking style is inspired by traditional Italian recipes and techniques, but executed with a modern creative twist.

    Nic and Rocco have worked as ambassadors with many reputable companies including Cadbury, Myer, Kenwood, Peters of Kensington, Perfect Italiano, Shun Knives, Café Primo and Ristorante Pizza.

    Rocco has also developed a range of patisserie products, some of which are now available nationally in Coles supermarkets. A full range of Nic & Rocco patisserie are available at Nic & Rocco franchises in SA.

    Nic and Rocco have released two cookbooks, their first Sweet Sensations and a second cookbook, Family Favourites with Rocco La Bella.

    Please drop us an email for any enquiries, or message of support on our facebook page.

    "Enjoy the experience, appreciate great, fresh local produce and add a bit of your own touch! ..."

    Nic & Rocco

  • Stores

    Franchise Stores

    Nic & Rocco Coffee Shop & Dessert Bar

    Address Rundle Mall
    Shop 6, Rundle Mall
    Adelaide, SA 5000

    Email rundlemall@nicandrocco.com.au
    Please note this email address is only for orders/enquiries in relation to the Rundle Mall store franchise and will not be seen by Nic & Rocco.
    For all other enquiries please use the contact us page.

    Opening Times Monday-Thursday 7.30am – 6.00pm
    Friday 7.30am – 9.30pm
    Saturday 8.00am – 6.00pm
    Sunday 10.30am – 4.00pm

    Address Shop R1A – Westfield Tea Tree Plaza
    976 North East Road
    Modbury, SA 5092

    Email ttp@nicandrocco.com.au
    Please note this email address is only for orders/enquiries in relation to the TTP store franchise and will not be seen by Nic & Rocco.
    For all other enquiries please use the contact us page.

    Opening Times Monday-Saturday 8.00am – Late
    Sunday 9.00am – Late

  • Cooking Classes

    Need a hand in the kitchen?

    Watch this space for free online class tutorials!
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    Private or Corporate Classes

    Want to learn something in particular with a large group? We are happy to design a private class to suit your needs. Email us for more information.

  • Products

    Purchase from our range of hard to find cooking products to help turn your next dish into a chef's masterpiece.

    How to Order

    If you would like to purchase an item please send us an email with your contact details, selection(s) and quantity. We will contact you with confirmation of your order and payment details.

    Acetate Strip (6cm Width)

    Price: $2.50 p/m
    Item Code: ACT001
    Acetate Strip (6cm Width) Acetate strip is perfect for making individual cakes as well as chocolate decorations as seen on MKR. Cut to 6cm in width, we sell these per metre. Acetate strips are flexible, yet strong and leave a fantastic shine when removed after your dish has set.

    Almond Meal (1kg Bag)

    Price: $15.00
    Item Code: AM15
    Almond Meal - 1kg bag Almond meal is a nutritious alternative to flour in many low- carb and gluten-free recipes.

    Disposable Plastic Piping Bags

    Prices: Single: $1.00ea
    10 Pack: $8.00
    72 Pack: $45.00
    Item Code: DPB01
    Disposable Plastic Piping Bags Make baking cleaner and easier. Simply fill the bags, use them and toss them away — there is zero clean-up to contend with! Made of strong, flexible plastic.

    Edible Gold Leaf

    Price: $8.00
    Item Code: EGL001
    Edible Gold Leaf 10 sheets of 30mm x 30mm Pure Gold Leaf (23ct food grade). Add a touch of luxury to your dessert.

    Macaron Soft Gel Pastes

    Price: $6.00 per colour
    Item Code: SGP001
    Macaron Soft Gel Pastes

    No conventional food dye even comes close to matching the strength of colour in these amazing Soft Gel Pastes. They are the perfect colouring agent when making macaron. Each Soft Gel Paste is packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle with a flip-top lid so you can achieve precise, easy-to-repeat colours every time.

    Bottle Size: 21gm

    Basic Colours:
    Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Red.

    Extended Colours:
    Super Black, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Chocolate Brown, Lemon Yellow, Bright White, Copper, Forest Green, Mint Green, Leaf Green, Deep Pink, Mauve, Peach, Burgundy, Fuchsia, Teal, Violet.

    12 Colour Pack Available: $55.00

    Non-Stick Bake Liner (30cm x 40cm)

    Price: $17.00
    Item Code: BL01
    Non-Stick Bake Liner (30cm x 40cm) The ultimate non-stick surface. Temperature resistant to 260 Degrees celcius. Lasts up to 5 years. Wipes clean with a damp cloth. Perfect for making macarons as seen on MKR.

    Piping Tube - 11mm

    Price: $2.50ea
    Item Code: PT01
    11mm Piping Tube Perfect for making Macarons.

  • Cook Book

    Order Now

    Family Favourites

    Price: $14.95
    Order: Order now
    Family Favourites

    From pasta dishes to salads, the famous Signature Roast, to his ever popular desserts, this is a must for not only Nic and Rocco fans but lovers of fine Italian cooking.

    You will love every recipe as they are traditional home-style Italian cooking. Simple fresh ingredients along with a passion and love of food help create these humble recipes into culinary masterpieces. If you love food, this book is a must for you.

    Sweet Sensations

    Price: $19.95
    Order: Order now
    Sweet Sensations

    Whipping up stunning desserts no longer has to be complicated. Our Sweet Sensations cookbook provides step by step photographs to help you create your sweet treats with ease.

    Mastering our famous Macarons or Gateau Opera is a piece of cake with all of our tips and tricks included.

    132 Pages Over 25 recipes.

    More Books Coming Soon!

    + Rocco's Kitchen

  • Desserts For Order

    Want to try one of Nic & Rocco's amazing desserts as seen on MKR?

    To place an order request, please send us an email with the details below and we will contact you for confirmation. Currently we are only taking orders in Adelaide, South Australia.

    • + Date for pick-up or delivery
    • + Order details
    • + Suburb
    • + Phone number
    • + Email address

    Please note we are currently experiencing high levels of demand, however we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

    Current dessert selections available:

    Item Cost

    Cup Desserts

    $4.50 each
    • - Velvet Chocolate Mousse
    • - Italian Custard Trifle
    • - Vanilla Pannacotta
    • - Black Forest
    • - Triple Choc Mousse
    • - Lemon Cheesecake
    • - Kahlua Coffee Cheesecake


    $2.50 each
    Check out our Macaron Menu page for available flavours!

    Giant Macaron

    $4.50 each
    • - Blueberry Cheesecake
    • - Ruby Vanilla
    • - Choc Caramel

    Macaron Tower

    • - 65 Tower
    • - 90 Tower
    • - 200 Tower

    • $190
    • $250
    • $480

    NB: All tower prices include a fondant board with message plus a $20 refundable bond.

    Macaron Pyramid (Take Away)

    • - 40 Pyramid
    • - 60 Pyramid

    • $85
    • $120


    $6.50 each
    • - Opera Cake ($7.50)
    • - Tiramisu
    • - Chocolate Delight
    • - Carrot Cake
    • - Passionfruit Cheesecake

    Individual Cakes

    $6.50 each
    • - Choc Orange Dome
    • - Triple Choc Dome
    • - Tiramisu
    • - Pistachio Saravin
    • - Strawberry Cheesecake


    $5.50 each
    • - Salted Caramel
    • - Hazelnut Milk Chocolate
    • - Lemon
    • - Lemon Meringue
    • - Passionfruit
    • - Passionfruit Meringue
    • - Ginger Brulee
    • - Choc Raspberry

    Mini Tartlets (min. order of 10 per variety)

    $3.50 each
    • - Custard Fruit
    • - Lemon Meringue

    Extra Large Choc-Dipped Strawberries (min. order of 20)

    $2.00 each


    Gateau Opera Mixed Macaron Box Cup Desserts

    Delivery within metropolitan Adelaide - $30, Pick-up - Free.

    Want to place an order for a function?

    Have a dessert buffet set up by Nic & Rocco. Prices start from $15 per head. Please contact us for more information.

  • Patisserie


    Cookies and Cream French Vanilla

    Caffe Latte
    Salted Caramel

    Strawberries & Cream Watermelon
    Apple Pie Bubblegum


    Hazelnut Lemon

    Passionfruit Chilli Raspberry Cream

    Turkish Delight

    High Tea Pack

    Tarts Cakes


    Choc Caramel Choc Peppermint

    Exploding Double Chocolate
    Lemon Meringue Salted Caramel Popcorn

    Strawberry Sundae
    Ready to Bake/Fry


    Raspberry Apple Crumble

    Caramelised Praline
    Chocolate Citrus

    Madagascar Vanilla

    Signature Cakes

    Salted Caramel Opera Mango & Coconut Delight Salted Caramel & Popcorn Log
    Pistachio Bomb

    Jaffa Bomb Bomb

    Triple Choc Bomb

  • Wholesale

    Macarons Wholesale

    • + Classic French Recipe (All fresh ingredients)
    • + Very Durable
    • + Exciting Flavours
    • + Snap Frozen
    • + 6 month Freezer Life
    • + 5 day Refrigeration Life
    • + Minimum 15 flavours available at any time
    • + Nic & Rocco Packaging available
    • + 1 packet includes 40 Macaron
    • + 1 flavour per packet

    Patisserie Wholesale

    To receive a wholesale price list please contact us.

    Distributor Details
    Nic & Rocco Pty Ltd
    Email enquiries@nicandrocco.com.au
    Phone 0402 236 230

    Distributors Wanted!

    If you are interested in being a distributor please email us.

  • Franchise

    Franchise opportunities are now available within Australia and overseas. Send us a franchise enquiry and we will continue our commitment to sourcing and selecting the best partners.

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